Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth

brought to you by Generator Collective and PACRONYM

Hiya – Ilana Glazer here.

Okay so EWWWW, how absolutely disgusting has the presidency been for the last 4 years? Guh-ross, I am so over it.

Joe Biden maybe isn’t the sexiest candidate, but we’re gonna go hard for him + Kamala Harris because 4 more years of 45 is going to decimate human rights in this country as well as Planet Effing Earth.

The election is around the corner, and shit is very real. If you think it’s all pretty overwhelming, you’re not alone… which is why I got my team @ Generator together with our friends at PACRONYM to create Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth.

It’s a weekly web series that, I hope, helps you get through the next couple months, which is gonna be tense and not chill. I will not unclench my buttcheeks until I see Biden swearing in as he correctly handles a bible unlike the Cheez-It In Chief. I’m inviting stars — artists, athletes, activists — who have legit connections to swing states to come on and talk “Oy, Biden,” and then go down the ballot in those swing states to shine a light on progressive candidates at the state and local level. Then, we’ll supply our viewers with a state-based cheat sheet so we can pass it around the internets and get them elected!

No matter what, the white supremacist, narcissistic, sociopathic individual occupying the White House has got to go. And he needs to be SHOVED out; he needs to lose by a landslide, baby. Watch each week, learn juuuust a lil bit, and let’s shove that dude and all his evil bros out on November 3rd.

What’s Generator Collective?

Me and Glennis Meagher are two of Generator’s co-founders. Generator is a collective made up of a few components — URL & IRL. Online, we lower the barrier of entry to using social media to talk about politics and government. IRL, we host a series called Generator Live, where I interview experts — politicians and activists — to investigate the system at a Homer Simpson level. The other IRL component is Genny Socials: voter empowerment dance parties where there’s a lot of dancing and just a touch of upcoming election education sprinkled throughout.


PACRONYM is the largest digital-focused Democratic super PAC working to get Donald Trump the f*ck out of office. For over a year, PACRONYM has been reaching swing state voters with 🔥 content to lay out the stakes of this election.