Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth

brought to you by Generator Collective and PACRONYM

Jennifer Lawrence for GEORGIA

The legendary Jennifer Lawrence talked to Ilana about Georgia this week & revealed that she sure did vote for John McCain in her first election! As a former Republican, she has drawn a line in the sand as the GOP has fought to keep 45 in power no matter how many terrible things he does! She is STOKED to vote for actual policy like ending for-profit prisons & cash bail AND to get out the humiliating & incompetent threat that 45 is to our country.  They chat about the incredible Senate and local candidates on the ballot and Georgia, and share why they are hopeful that we can vote Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in by a LANDSLIDE with the 15 MILLION youths that turned voting age since 2016! Let's do this Georgia! Watch and share the Cheat Sheet with all your friends!


All for Joe & Joe for All
Maddie Ziegler for PENNSYLVANIA
Hasan Minhaj for BIDEN
Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody for NORTH CAROLINA
Sophia Bush for NORTH CAROLINA
Bob the Drag Queen for GEORGIA