Cheat Sheet for the Voting Booth

brought to you by Generator Collective and PACRONYM

Maddie Ziegler for PENNSYLVANIA

Gen Z dancer extraordinaire Maddie Ziegler has us feeling so hopeful as she talks about how she’s been using her voice and encourages others to use theirs by VOTING for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She and Ilana talk about her political awakening in these past 4 years and how excited she is to be able to vote for change this election. Gen Z you are BOLD and have been doing WERQ this past year & are literally the determining factor for all of our futures! Pennsylvania's, 2016’s margins were so narrow - so let’s commit to vote today and SHOW UP!


All for Joe & Joe for All
Maddie Ziegler for PENNSYLVANIA
Hasan Minhaj for BIDEN
Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody for NORTH CAROLINA
Sophia Bush for NORTH CAROLINA
Bob the Drag Queen for GEORGIA